Drones for Army Forces

16,734 / 200,000
Time Left:
5 Days : 19 Hrs : 33 Mins

We have received an important and urgent request for 2 unmanned reconnaissance vehicles from the Special Forces battalion “Tsunami” of the National Police of Ukraine for reconnaissance tasks in the hottest spots of the frontline. The “Tsunami” battalion took an active part in the liberation of Kherson region and is now engaged in active combat operations in the Zaporizhzhia region.

This aircraft will perform a reconnaissance function and has technical characteristics improved by engineering developments that make it possible to perform tasks at different altitudes and at any time of the day, with the ability to penetrate 25 km into the enemy’s rear.

Since this device is needed at the forefront right now, and the lives and health of our military depend on its availability, we urge everyone who cares to join in by all available means: from financial support to distribution of this collection!  Share this page in social networks and send it personally to people you know!

The goal of the fundraising: to buy 2 unmanned aerial vehicles

Total amount of the fundraising: 200 000 UAH.