29 June 2023

In addition to missiles and tanks, Russia conducts informational aggression against the state and the Ukrainian nation. We want to protect the information space and counter Russian propaganda, tell the Ukrainian point of view on high-profile events, and fight disinformation.

That is why we are launching our new project The Ukrainian Review. This is an analytical information resource that will tell the world the truth through the eyes of Ukrainians living in the midst of war. Most of our team lives and works in Ukraine, every day we hear alarm sirens and explosions of Russian missiles. But we want to speak so that the whole world can hear us.

Read our resource – www.TheUkrainianReview.com

If you have an idea for cooperation or any collaboration, write to us at theukrainianreview@yahoo.com

Thank you to everyone who supports Ukraine in the most difficult period of our history!

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