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A lot of people hear about the city Kherson that was occupied by russian troops, and is getting bombed every day. But there are the villages in Kherson region that suffered a lot from occupation and bombing. 

The project consists of helping two villages Kostromka and Bilogirka of Kherson region that were on the front line and occupied by russians troops from 24 of February 2022 till 4 of October of 2022. After russians left the territory they mined houses and fields and air bombed Kostromka and Bilogirka.

The inhabitants started to come back to Kostromka and Bilogirka in spring 2023. They plan to rebuild their houses and villages, and we, the team of NGO Spilna Meta,want to help them. When russians troops were leaving the territory they mined houses and fields and after did air bombardment. For now we are working only with those inhabitants who came back to their villages and need help partly rebuilding.

 We see the amazing energy and love for their fields in the people of Kostromka and Bilogirka. We believe that with our help the inhabitants will have a chance to rebuild their houses and villages and to continue to live on their native land. There are fields with black soil in the villages and around, where the villagers grow grain, corn, vegetables, barley, watermelon etc. For our moment the fields are mined by russians but the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine works hard to demine the fields. They already made a new power line for Kostromka and Bilogirka.

We plan to provide for each house that needs help: roof slate, windows and doors before the colds come in late autumn 2023.

There are 17 houses of Kostromka that need to be provided with building mateials.  The roof slate – 1434,  windows – 96, doors – 20. 

We realized that’s it is complicated to found all the amount of financing in one moment, so we got 7800 EURO from Belgium company HazelHeartwood. The donors who donated were such companies as HazelHeartwood, Rotary Club, Bacardi Martini, Belpaire and others and decided to start from providing  roof slate for Kostromka for houses with children and old people first. With money that we got from Belgium donors  we are able to provide  roof slate for 8 of houses.

There are 10 houses of Bilogirka that need to be provided with building mateials.  The roof slate – 1140,  windows – 54, doors – 32.  The amount of houses can grow if more people come back to the village. In this case we plan to find more financing to cover it.

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29 June 2023

In addition to missiles and tanks, Russia conducts informational aggression against the state and the Ukrainian nation. We want to protect the information space and counter Russian propaganda, tell the Ukrainian point of view on high-profile events, and fight disinformation.

That is why we are launching our new project The Ukrainian Review. This is an analytical information resource that will tell the world the truth through the eyes of Ukrainians living in the midst of war. Most of our team lives and works in Ukraine, every day we hear alarm sirens and explosions of Russian missiles. But we want to speak so that the whole world can hear us.

Read our resource – www.TheUkrainianReview.com

If you have an idea for cooperation or any collaboration, write to us at theukrainianreview@yahoo.com

Thank you to everyone who supports Ukraine in the most difficult period of our history!

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